A Multi Functioning USB Hub Mousepad Calculator

calculator mousepad usb hub

For a long time now multi-functional gadgets have been around, but it only makes sense, when the gadget in question has multiple useful functions, not only different functions, but useful ones. The picture above is of a three in one gadget, which functions as a calculator, a mouse pad, and a USB hub.

At first thought, yes it seems impressive, but if you really think about it, a mouse pad itself is redundant now-a-days, even though it maybe a glowing one! I wonder what is the use of a fun calculator while sitting in front of a computer, considering the gadget will be set up close to a computer, to put its USB hub and illuminating mouse pad features to use.

In any case, the USB hub could have come to be of some use, if it had compatible specifications, which might be in question. All said, this three in one USB hub, illuminating mouse pad and calculator gadget can only be used as a geeky collectible.

illuminated mousepad usb hub calculator

Via: Engadget