Michael Jackson Vinyl Figures

michael jackson thriller action figure

If there was something about Michael Jackson that kept us in rapture for all these decades, it was his unique charisma and enigmatic personality and perhaps this amazing personality of his was best reflected in his music videos from Thriller and Bad. If you would like to immortalize MJ in your house, you really should check out some of these cool dolls which even he would have loved and make up a great Michael Jackson tribute..

michael jackson bad action figure

One of the three available is the Michael Jackson Zombie Figure which looks pretty ghastly in a cool way. The doll is inspired by the Michael Jackson Thriller video in which MJ torments his date with all the horrifying situations. If you also wanted a pre-zombie state Michael Jackson from the Thriller video, you could check out the other Michael Jackson Thriller Figure too. These vinyl dolls truly capture the Thriller feel and bring back memories of a distant past when we all grew up grooving to Michael Jackson’s beats.

michael jackson thriller action figures

If you also liked the Bad album, you would love this bad-ass vinyl figure of Michael Jackson dressed in stylish black leather outfit and gelled hair. The Michael Jackson Bad Figure costs $70 and you could pre-order it now and you would get it in August. The Thriller figures cost $55 each and would be available in August as well. Of course, these dolls cannot undo the sadness that all of us MJ fans feel after his death, but they sure can bring back memories from a happier period of his and our lives.