Key Catcher To Catch Your Keystrokes (And The Culprit!)

spy gadget key stroke katcher

Many a times you are out on a trip somewhere and situations arrive when you have no options but to lock your computer to make sure no one is messing with it. Although the idea is cool; this may often limit someone’s accessibility to the features of your machine when in dire need. But, with the introduction of the Key Katcher, you can leave your PC in full operation and at the same time track the keystrokes that have been used on your keyboard.

key stroke catcher

This witty spy gadget fits right into your keyboard connection and is small enough to go unnoticed (it doesn’t run even in the background for some culprit to see it). It has the ability to capture around 2,62,000 strokes – that’s about 160 pages! (I bet no one can type that much). The captured strokes are stored in a non-volatile memory. This means that there won’t be any loss of data if the computer hangs in the middle of an operation or even when the power in our area goes kaput. To access the stored data, the owner will just have to type in the password in a simple text editor for the trouble-free plug and play device and the device menu comes to life. The menu, with a simple UI, is displayed with options to erase data, view data, search data for keywords, change password, or disable the device. Available for a price of $59.99 this cool gadget is of utmost importance and need if you use a PC with multiple users but, (unfortunately) store your important files and data in it.

computer keyboard key stroke catcher