Cool Tetris Game Coasters Design

tetris game cool coasters

The popular retro game Tetris needs no introduction, for every one and their Mothers have played it and know exactly what a fun and addictive game it is. Now you can set the controller aside and have a refreshing drink without getting your table wet with a cool coasters design of the Tetris game.

All the colorful Tetris bricks are reunited in one square, already set up as if a professional Tetris player managed to set them up for high score. They are made using perler beads, like we previously seen the Nintendo Punch Out characters were remade using so.

The Tetris costers set arrives in a set of four slightly different variations for only $12 and perhaps could provide you inspiration to go back to the Tetris game and find solutions to some difficult stages.

cool coasters tetris game

Etsy’s Via: GeekyGadgets