FroliCat BOLT Gadget Helps Cats Lose Weight

pet gadget cat weight

One of the joys in life is to watch a kitten or a cat grow all frolicky and jump around chasing imaginary mice all around the place, and as the cat grows older, it might run out of imagination and prefer sleeping more or sit in a corner pretending to wait for the elusive mouse that comes out of its hole. In the process, cats get fatter and more obese than most human beings, thanks to all the nutritious stuff we feed them.

In order to get them moving and getting a little exercise, you could try and get yourself this cool FroliCat BOLT, which is an automatic laser light cat toy. The toy beams all kinds of weird laser patterns that move around for your cat to chase endlessly. The toy is pet friendly and can be used only under your supervision nonetheless. The cat would not tire itself to exhaustion as the device is designed to switch off automatically within 15 minutes.

You could also use the manual mode and spend a little more time with your kitty. Spending time with one’s pets is known to be good for psychological and physiological health of their owners! FroliCat will not only help your cat stay active and occupied, it will also give you the priceless joy of watching a playful act running all over the place. FroliCat BOLT costs $20 and is well worth the money spent.

Product Via: Gear Diary