Amazing Art Using Pacman Characters

cool pacman art

Pacman and his “friends” (after all, they have been with him for so many years, haven’t they?) have never failed in making us awe at how the groovy 8-bit characters can somehow take over anything and everything. Here’s something which will kinda make your jaw drop; paintings made using Pacman stuff bringing to life a plastic dummy (it looks so from the pictures) complete with a face and a heart!

These plastic dummies – which are 100% hand painted – look as if the “Eat me” are it’s eyes and Pacman is its mouth. The two dummies also depict a red Eat-me and a bunch of cherries (yes, those very cherries which gave you that special power to eat those Eat-me’s) as their hearts. The blue and black background further adds to the elegance of the models. But, something that I really like is the use of words “Score” and “Lives” for depicting the feet of the models. One of the vinyl characters also sports a blue Eat me on its back. Now, this is something I would like to call as bringing the “man” out of PacMan, what say? Great job, WuzOne – please tell me if wanna sell these.

Other Pacman stuffs that you would try to lay your eyes on in a large array of them would includes things like Pacman stickers and Pacman mugs. If you’re inclined towards the feeling of well being and general health care, then you may go in for Pacman bandages. And if you even possess a single sporty bone, then the Pacman car is something you gotta take a look at.