iPhone Stand Made of Laser Cut Acrylic Scarps

cool laser cut iphone stand

Just when you thought iPhone/iPod stands were getting a tad too boring, Tod Kurt has created an interesting stand using laser cut acrylic scraps. The luminous stand seems to generate light on its own, though it is just an illusion. He used four pieces of laser cut acrylic straps to build the stand and holds the iPhone snugly. One of the slices also provides a channel for the cable to escape and the entire stand is held together by screws and nuts.

Tod was worried that the nuts might scratch his glossy table and hence he used a little bit of hot glue feet to make sure the bolts did not behave in an abrasive manner. iPhone stands were quite a rage last season when we saw a number of them in different themes. However, lately hardly any interesting iPhone stand has been created and perhaps Tod’s is the only interesting one I have seen lately. The reason why he did not use an additional layer on the top is because he did not have long enough screws.

laser cut iphone stand

He plans to look for longer screws and make a new one so that the dock gets bigger in order to encompass the bottom of the iPhone. Adding more mass to the dock would only make it more stable, he feels. Tod Kurt has provided all the files required to learn the method on his blog. You could try and learn how to make a Cardboard iPhone Dock, if the laser one above seems too difficult. Or perhaps you could try the iPod Bathroom Dock if you are too lazy to build anything on your own.

Todbot Via: Make Zine