Metal Detecting Remote Control Dune Buggy Toy

remote control toy dune buggy metal detector

This looks like a perfect Remote control toy, as it is actually a metal detecting dune buggy that can be used to detect iron based metal down to 4″ deep and make finding lost treasure more fun. You can fine tune it to suit your needs of different terrain and substrates and also its sensitivity to detect metals, now, isn’t that just cool! I am not a kid, but if only I had one, or the cops at the cop station had one, when I had lost my cellphone in the sand!

Anyway, I think it do come in handy to detect metals, or just to have fun when you have kids around. It comes with a remote control, so can be used as a remote control dune buggy as well and runs for only $49.95 at Hammacher.

For other options to find treasure, take a look at the Metal Detecting Sandals or even learn how to Make a Metal Detector.