3D White Shark Model Toy To Teach Your Tot It’s Anatomy

great white shark 3d

Many parents always think that somewhere inside their little tot’s sweet head is a brain that’s faster than Darwin’s, and if you come in that category of parents, then you might want to gift your child this 3-D Shark Model Toy on his upcoming birthday. Complete with 20 different body parts and organs that are detailed to core, this one piece of fun is surely gonna make you kid’s brain cells run at the speed of light. Also, this plastic toy makes sure you don’t have any risk of losing your hands and limbs while getting up close and personal with the ferocious animal.

The plastic model of this great white shark, which ships packed with a stand and an illustrated guide book, is on hand for a sum of about $25.98, which, I think, is a wee bit expensive considering this plastic toy is made up of … eh … plastic! Also, the website claims that the product is not for children under 3 year old (choking hazard, they say). But, tell me how many 3 year olds have you come across who wanna learn a shark’s anatomy?

great white shark 3d model