Bacon Flavored Toothpicks Make You Look Forward To Picking Your Teeth

bacon flavored toothpicks

Most of us use toothpicks to clean our teeth after a good meal, for they are useful and compact, but with the Bacon Flavored toothpicks, it could be something people could really look forward to.

I have ‘tasted’ some mint flavored toothpicks before, but these are Bacon flavored and could make carnivores salivate. What a better way to pick the remaining pieces from a juicy steak, then a Bacon toothpick?

Better yet, these are aluminum tins with eighty toothpicks in each and a great executive pig out front to make it even more exclusive. One tin runs for $1.99 and could be a tasty way for a cleaner mouth.

If you are looking for more good Bacon alternatives, then check out the Bacon Dental Floss or even the Bacon Lunchbox.