Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

tinkerbell peter pan wedding ceremony

Every girl grows up dreaming of a Fairy Tale Wedding as a child and some actually do go around arranging it so, as this beautiful Peter Pan and Tinkerbell wedding ceremony we see here.

I personally have always wondered if Peter Pan and Tinkerbell would ever get together and stop their childish games, and it seems that two Peter Pan fans have actually went around and made it so, declaring their love in a beautifully designed and produced Wedding that showed the two tying the knot.

The two lovers have dressed up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and arranged for the whole Wedding ceremony to be visualized as in the Disney’s Peter Pan animated movie we have grown with and loved along with different characters and themes that fit.

peter pan tinkerbell wedding vows

Based on the Pixyland images alone, the two seem extremely happy, along with the massive audience of friends and family surrounding them.

This is not the first time we have seen Geeks marry, as with the amazing and hilarious Shrek Wedding and also the two Halo gamers that have produced a Halo Wedding geeks would love to be present at.

peter pan and tinkerbell wedding

All in all, I do wish the happy couple all the best and hope Peter Pan and Tinkerbell live Happily Ever After!

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8 thoughts on “Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

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  6. milton freidman.

    and yet for me, it’s a fear of being caught feasting on baby flesh. I’m afraid people will not accept my insatiable hunger for tender sweet baby meat, but bolstered with the thought of this courageous man’s struggle against society’s preconceptions i will take my fight to the streets! maybe i could journey to neverland one day with mr. pan here, and savour all the sweet succulent delicacies a land filled with fresh game has to offer.

  7. Frank.

    You know, I’ve chatted with Peter Pan there a few times. The guy is my hero. I’m not kidding. He’s the target of nearly as many internet jokes as Rick Priestly and Goatse, but the truth of the matter is that he has a love for something that the rest of the world thinks is nonsense. Nonetheless, he pursues his own joy with courage and openness.

    Everyone has something that they enjoy that they’re embarrassed about, that they’d prefer their friends not find out about. It may not be something as severe as dressing in tights – it may be video games, or sneaking in a Spongebob marathon. Most of us hide those things out of fear. He doesn’t. How many of us would have the balls to enjoy our ‘secret’ joys so openly?

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