Modu Cellphones Go on Sale in Israel

modu cellphone

The much awaited Modu cellphones went on sale in Israel on 22nd of July, creating a lot of excitement among cellphone enthusiasts and those who enjoy Cellcom Israel as their provider. Modu is being touted as the world’s smallest cellphone and weighs just 42 grams. There is barely any room for a numeric keypad and thus you would get tic-tac-toe buttons instead.

The Modu is not all about being tiny and small; it is about making your cellphone cross the limits of customization. The man behind Modu, Dav Moran was also the one who brought to us the USB Flash Drives which are so commonplace today. Modu, as the name suggests, is modular and is equipped with jackets thanks to which the cellphone becomes ultra functional.

The Modu can be connected with your PDA, laptop, car radio, and other gadgets as an express card. The Modu jackets allow you to change your tiny cellphone into anything that you would want it to be, be it a business tool or a work companion or even an entertainment device. Modu jackets are universally interchangeable and thus you could assign a function to your Modu depending on your mood.

You can customize the look of this wonderful modular cellphone and you could be the proud owner of a groundbreaking design and technological gadget. The idea is to be as unique as possible and Modu allows you to reach that level of uniqueness with the wide variety of interchangeable jackets and customizations being made available. Also, it is affordable and hence if you are anywhere near Israel, get yourself a Modu!

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