SNES Papercraft Set for Nintendo Loving Elves

mini snes papercraft

A passion for gaming can be translated in to a lot of things: for the people who can afford to do so, the gaming obsession is directed into endless hours of playing their favorite games while ignoring the other pleasures of life. The true fanatic, though, does the unbelievable by incorporating everything about the virtual world of games into their own lives.

Nimble fingers lend for surgical precision and Ryo007’s rendition of an SNES set is so lifelike it shows off his skills at paper craft. The pictures are slightly blurry but you can make out how realistic the whole Nintendo set looks. If this wasn’t sitting on a human hand I would be convinced he was trying to fool us and that it was the real thing! The detailing on this piece of work is great and I’m convinced that if I opened it up, I would find paper machinery inside it. Maybe you can even play paper Super Mario on this version, if you can press the tiny buttons.

super nintendo papercraft

The whole Super Nintendo Mod was made completely out of paper (except for the black wires) and if you think you have fingers deft enough to make one for yourself then you can download the templates here. The console complete with a gaming cartridge and two different game pads are small enough to have been made by the famed shoemaker for his elf friends. I wouldn’t try playing on this but it sure would look great sitting in a paper version of Miyamoto’s office.