Limited Edition Iron Man Collectible Bust

All those Iron Man fans who are looking for some Iron Man collectible to spice up their living room might like to spare a thought at this new limited edition Iron Man bust that is up for sale.iron man collectible

The 1:6 scale bust showcases our hero in his full glory donning his popular armored suit, kind of signaling you to talk to his hand. The bust is made of cold cast porcelain, finished up with a metallic effect paint. Our hero stands around 9 inches tall and is posed showing off his cool Repulsor Ray. And guess what? his right hand through which he fires his repulsor ray illuminates with the help of an LED.

Since this bust is a limited edition one, every bust is individually numbered on a metallic plate. Also keeping in mind that limited edition objects are very precious, the bust comes with a user friendly package that allows fans to view the piece without having to open it, all the more it is fitted with another window to view the serial number without opening the actual pack.

Available for $69.99, this is one cool piece to be added to any collection of Iron Man goodies, such as the Iron Man USB Flash Drive or even the Iron Man Helmet. I personally feel that every Iron Man fan has to have one of these in his/her living room, but sadly this is only a limited edition merchandise so be sure to get one for yourself before anyone else does. Quit reading this post and HURRY!