Go on a Killing Spree with the Freddy Krueger Metal Glove!

freddy krueger metal glove

Without doubt, one of the scariest movies ever made was A Nightmare on Elm Street which introduced people to the personification of psychotic and horror, Freddy Krueger. Youngsters (and adults) the world over began having nightmares of the serial killer overnight. The scariest thing about Freddy was that even though he dwells in the dream world and has supernatural strengths in it, he can still control what happens to you in the real world.

Freddy may be dead (or, so they say) but there are a lot of us who keep him alive in a different sense by harboring the same killing tendencies and get a kick out of seeing fear in another person’s eyes. Freddy symbolized the persona of individuals who draw their strength from others’ fears and can live only by frightening others to the point of death. Love him or hate him, I’m sure you’re scared of him and wish you could be just as cool. And, you can be, with the deluxe Freddy Krueger metal glove.

More famous than Cap’n Hook’s favored weapon, this freaky replica of Freddy’s haunting glove with the four sharp razors costs $50. Go ahead and wreak havoc on your enemies and unsuspecting friends (especially those who have called you lovable and peace loving) and make Freddy proud by maiming their beauty. The clawed glove is recommended only for adults but be warned that the use of this by even a teenager would lead to your being tried as an adult in a court of law.

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