Heartris Tetris Tattoo for some Brick Loving

cool tetris tattoo

There is one game that every knows and has played sometime in their life whether they are die hard gaming fans or just not into games and that is the popular and loved Tetris. On a level of its own, this brick game is made of the stuff that kids and elders alike would enjoy and it is found in almost every new gadget, computer, cellphone, hand held games – name it and you’ve got Tetris on it.

It’s no wonder then that Tetris has found itself into the world of fashion. Check out this Tetris tattoo from ThinnyBear with the quadruplet bricks falling to make a perfect geometrical heart shape. Talk about falling in love with Tetris! The design is picked from the Heartris shirts made famous by Penny-Arcade and I have to admit that for a real fan of the old 8-bit games like Tetris, getting a Tetris tattoo is better than buying a shirt. After all, this is one piece of loving that will last forever!

One reason why Tetris is so popular is because it can give hours of playing pleasure without needing you to rack your brains for a solution or concentrate too hard. It seems to me that the tattoo also symbolizes this; taking life coolly as it comes and just starting over when things speed up and get a little tough. Good job by Daniel from Electric Voodoo who did the 2D tattoo!

Thanks ThinnyBear for the info and images. Looks great!