Yo-Yo Toy That Looks Like a Hamburger

yo yo toy hamburger

Yo-Yo is one fun toy which has survived decades and is popular even in these geek times where there are dime a dozen interesting computer and console games. For generations Yo-Yo has been best past time only the look and form has changed. In the present times of Mac Donald’s and Hamburgers, this Yo-Yo that looks like a Hamburger doesn’t come as a surprise.

This seems to be another case of Fun food inspiring fun toy. Does it come free with happy meals at the popular hamburger franchise? Well, don’t know about that. But it is available for $0.99, much cheaper than the original hamburger. And it will surely fill the fun appetite of the kids. Geeks kids can really show off their Hamburger look alike Yo-Yo. The resemblance is flawless. One only hopes this Hamburger Yo-Yo will increase food appetite of kids who have be forced fed.

This not the first instance where food has inspired fun toys. Check out Lego Sushi Combination and Funny Head Squeezos Condiments.

Product Via NerdApproved