Geeky Pacman Cupcakes looks Cool And Delicious!

One of the first memories I have of playing any video game is of playing Pacman late into the night, and there is just something very enthralling about having a little round character that navigates through a maze while constantly eating something. Pacman has been around for a while, apparently 30 years, as commemorated by the Pacman lighters! The charm still remains however, and now people are making tons of Pacman related stuff like Pacman Guitar.

Making cupcakes that look like video games has become quite common now, but very few of them actually do justice to the characters. Very rarely will you actually come across a video game character on a cake that actually looks like the original. Now Pacman seems to have gotten on a cake, and this looks simply brilliant. There is some amazing attention to detail as well.

pacman game cupcake design

This is just one of the many Pacman cupcakes available though. There is a Pacman cupcake made by Star Bakery

cool pacman cupcake

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Then there is the Ms. Pac-man set by Cupcakes Nouveau

cool ms pacman cupcakes

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I like the fact that Ms. Pacman seems to be eating a silver ball, though these cupcakes aren’t as impressive as the other (neither is the pac-man one)… There is just something very childish about the whole setup somehow.

Of course, I couldn’t let you go without taking a look at one of the best pac-man cupcake-cakes I’ve seen till date. This one is apparently a wedding cake that was made by hello Naomi. This cake (cupcake-cake, whatever you want to call it is truly stunning).

pacman game cupcake designs

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