Mintpass Ice Cream Bar is A Delicious Way to Store Data

Mintpass has come up with a very novel idea for a Hard Disk, as this tasty looking hard drive looks like an ice-cream bar, and it looks pretty authentic (not to mention tempting) indeed. The idea for this PC HDD drive seems to have derived from an alternate interpretation (in Korea) of the word Hard.

ice cream bar external hard drive

Apparently in Korea, the word Hard is taken to represent an Ice Cream stick, which has survived generations of use, and is even common with children in the present generation. The word Hard is also used to denote a Hard Disk Drive, and it is this fact that inspired the people at Mint Hard to come up with this novel HDD. You can get a little more information on the whole word usage, as well as the HDD itself here

cool external hard drive ice cream bar

Complete with a pen drive and the option of being powered by both battery and a power adapter, this HDD is not only attractive, but pretty handy as well. This wonderful device even allows users to connect it to a digital camera and directly upload pictures on to it. What is more, it even comes in flavors (colors?) other than chocolate.

sweet ice cream bar hard drive

Somehow just looking at it makes me crave ice-cream, imagine how you would feel if you owned it. This is probably the only disadvantage of this device (the unbearable urge to eat it). Apart from this, it is sturdy and useful, which makes it a really great buy for anyone who likes owning really cool gadgets.