Geeky USB Port Tattoo

The USB Drive has become one of the most indispensable part of any modern day computer system, and some cool geek just turned her arm into a canvas for the perfectly geeky USB tattoo.usb port geeky arm tattoo

If you are a geek and you are looking for a cool tattoo then this particular tattoo would definitely be on my recommendations list. This cool tattoo can be the perfect thing to portray your image to the world, as the USB gadgets port has become so indispensable that hardly any of the new devices that we own today are not compatible with it. The ability of this port to instantaneously recognise any peripheral device, is what makes it so special. In a similar manner the USB tattoo on anybody’s arm can immediately attract any other person of the same tastes. So it turns out that the USB can be put to use in linking humans as well.

Anyway, Ajay Bhatt (co creator of the USB) over at Intel might have never in his wildest dreams imagined that his creation might have taken on to this heights. So folks get linked to others with the new USB tattoo, ensuring a fast and hassle free connectivity.

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via: BME