The Cool New Water Powered Calculator

Many people believe that the era of using a calculator is long gone, especially if you own a cellphone (and let’s face it, virtually everyone owns one now). These people however, have not seen the new, amazing water powered calculator. This is one of the coolest calculators I have ever seen, and not only because it is powered by water, but also because it just looks so amazing.

cool new water powered calculator

The blue and silver casing makes it look really funky, and the fact that you don’t need to keep replacing the batteries is an added advantage. You also don’t need to keep charging the cells with light like with solar powered calculators. The only thing I see as a bit of a shortcoming is the fact that it isn’t a scientific calculator, but people who love using calculators won’t have a problem with this.

With just a little water in the fuel cells (if you prefer, you can use any other electrolytic liquid), this calculator will run for about a month. The water helps facilitate the reaction between the anode and cathode in the battery which is what powers the battery. This amazing gadget costs under $20, which in my opinion makes it a great buy.

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via: gadget sea