Toyota’s Humanoid Marathoner Robot: Marathon Robot

humanoid robot image

Call it an android, a robot or a humanoid, the latest in technology of the robotic world, are definitely weirder than their names. While the Sony QRIO, so called to say Quest for CuRIOsity, originally launched as SDR – sony dream robot and the Honda ASIMO (Advanced step in innovative mobility) have apt names, the Toyota’s humanoid robot are being called their partner robots¬† for working in areas of personal assistance.

Toyota has developed these robots with special characteristics of behavior and function, so these robots will be good natured. Based on three types of robots which are skilled in walking, rolling, and one which is mountable, they will perform several functions.

You can take a look at the video which shows what these robots can do…

That does look scary, ill say. Though humans have developed these robots for their functional use, are we really ready to place them in our lives as yet? I guess that is the real question for us to answer.

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