Stunning Gears Of War Xbox 360 Mod Design

gears of war xbox 360 mod

Gears Of War is certainly a stunning game, amazing graphics, cool story line and an awesome gaming experience, and this new Gears Of War Xbox 360 Mod has definitely not let the game’s image down either. The new mod is nothing short of simply stunning.

The Xbox 360 mod has an jet black colored background, topped up with the Gears Of War logo engraved on either side of the console completely revealing it’s internal structure.

cool gears of war xbox 360 case mod

But the design does not end there by a far shot. When switched on, the whole gaming console is illuminated by red LEDs giving the mod the most ghastly feeling to it. The red LED lights light up the logo in such a way that it appears that the console is soaked in blood. The console has such good design and lighting arrangement that it seems as though the console is brought back from the battlefield, blood, scars..etc.

A must for every fan and a very clever choice for any one else, I would say that this may be one of the best gaming console mods available for sale. The mod surely ensures it’s users get a step closer to reality.

new gears of war xbox 360 case mod

Via: XboxFreedom