A 4 port USB Hub with an Analog Digital Clock

cool usb hub desk clock

An analog digital clock incorporated along with a 4 port USB Hub is what you are looking at, and this innovative design of a USB hub makes it extremely useful and convenient to plug in those extra devices where ever you are.

The analog digital clock is amazingly appealing to the eye, and the USB hub comes in handy due to its compatibility across different operating systems and with a USB 1.1 port. It does not make plugging in devices cumbersome, like the ports behind our laptops and desktops. It looks completely different, which qualifies it to be a special gift and geek gadget to one of your geeky friends who sit around computers all day long. Look at the analog clock standing up on the 4 ports…

Keep it away from kids at home though, since it looks like a cute walking toy, but it actually a high speed (480 Mbps) 4 port USB 2.0, which can only be put to it’s complete use by adults. Though one might also wonder if some one has to use a 4 port USB hub, then why would they need a clock?

Via: Specialist-gifts