Razer Naga MMO Mouse All Set To Create A New World Record

Razer Naga MMO MouseFor the gamers who may want to guess before beginning, here is a small quiz before we proceed: What do you get when you cross a gaming mouse with a Telephone dial pad? You apparently end up with the new Razer Naga MMO Gaming Mouse. This mouse, unlike the others in it’s class, is on a mission-to enter the Guinness’s book of world records for having the most number of buttons.

This mouse is smeared on with 17 different buttons and a scroll bar. The most interesting thing about this new mouse is that it has an extra Digit-Dial Pad integrated right into the left side of the mouse. Originally designed for usage in Macros, this is something that will catch the eyes of every geek.

The best is yet to come, not only can you program the whole of Macros into the 17 buttons however you want, but there are somethings called Add-on’s as well. The Add-On’s not only allow you to add new interfaces to the game but also empower you to have unlimited character profiles.

Selling for $80 a piece, this is one mouse that will attract a lot of attention. Making use of the standard laser engine-5600 dpi and a response time of 1 ms, this mouse is born to game. You would also like the World Of Warcraft Mouse. Something that goes with mouse is a cool mouse pad, check out the Crazy Mousepad that’ll munch on you mouse.

via: Gizmodo