Halo Clay Figures Look Amazingly Wicked

halo clay figurines

While the world keeps waiting for a Halo Killer, here is a Halo fan who has created many awesome figures from clay, all inspired by the Halo Series character and monsters. The fellow has gone ahead and created some of the most realistic and believable figures that get too close to the characters depicted in this awesome game.

In fact, the Sparta looks so close to what is depicted in the game that you would not be able to tell it is just a figure. The Elite in Ascetic comes in three shades of blue and with the head bent down, you may actually wonder what the Ascetic is actually doing!

I especially love the Gravemind figures with all the tentacles jutting out of the body. It makes a lot of people squirm in discomfort and fear, I bet. You could also find some really amazing Hunter and Elite figures, along with Flood.

You could expect Authority and Heroes in the next couple of editions, the maker promises. The way the guy has used the colors and sculpted the figures to perfection is almost worth being praised for endlessly.

If you are a fan of Halo and all the characters and situations in the game, you would certainly love these figures. You could also take a look at the cool Halo Xbox 360 Mod that many fans would go crazy for.

Via: XboxFreedom