Maptor GPS Navigational Gadget: Map and Projector in One

map projector gps gadget maptor

Introducing Maptor, a GPS Navigational gadget concept that seems really handy, portable and practical for every day use both for tourists and for locals crossing to unknown territory.

Maptor is a great new concept designed by Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park which aims to make GPS navigation a practical and convienient thing for those that are also doing some walking. Instead of having it end up in a bulky GPS device, the design places it within a miniature, lipstick-like gadget that could be very handy for everyone.

This new GPS concept combines the GPS for maps, location and directions inside a mini projector that can be hung around your neck, attach to a keychain, or even a bracelet. Best part is that it is very easy to use by simply pointing it to a nearby wall, to the ground or even the palm of your hand. Immediately, it shows you the area map you are in need, and includes a ‘You Are Here” location, so you can quickly find your way around.

It seems like a really handy GPS concept, but today GPS is easy to come by on almost practically every new cellphone. Moreover, with designs and innovations being worked on for portable projectors to be built-in future cellphones, such as the Nokia Cellphone Projector and the portable Explay Handheld Projector, this is a concept that may seem to have missed the boat by a few years. Still, the idea may seem to be good for those that do not want to combine all daily productivity into their cellphone and still want the GPS navigation. Better yet, many tourists may not want their cellphone with them at all times, so such a device really comes in handy.

Via: YankoDesign