GI Joe Bobble Heads to make Your Desktop Battle ready

gi joe snake eyes bobblehead

I have this volcano in my head where the magma is actually GI Joe merchandise, and this volcano in my head is gonna burst anytime with continuous insane “intake” of such magma. To the ever growing list of GI Joe franchise, these cool Bobble heads are yet another entry.

gi joe storm shadow bobblehead

Available in variants of GI Joe Elite force leader, Snake Eyes and Cobra sided Storm Shadow and Neo-Viper, these Wacky Wobblers are sure to charm your desktop table. All three bobble heads are quite detailed with even the skeletonized handle of Snake Eye’s Katana sword clearly visible. The Snake Eyes and the Shadow Storm bobble heads look as if they are ready for a battle any moment now, whereas the Neo Viper bobble head just stands on his podium with that intimidating silver mask of his. These cool 7 inches caricature of the ruff & tuff warriors are displayed on a stand that shows the name of the specific character.

gi joe cobra bobble head

The Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and the Neo Viper bobble heads can be brought separately for a price of $11.99 each piece, which I think is quite cheap for some original merchandise, what say? Take your GI Joe fetish to the next level by getting this GI Joe collector’s edition set, which sure is worth every penny that you pay for it.