8 Bit Trip Video: 8 Bit Video Game Nostalgic Extravaganza

lego pacman 8 bit video

We have some amazing Video Game consoles today with all the amazing graphics, features and games, but we must not forget the 8 Bit video games that started it all.

8 bit video game loading time

This amazing 8 Bit Trip video provides an extremely colorful, musical and wonderfully animated trip into the 8 Bit past made with the colorful and popular Lego bricks, where it hints at Tetris, Super Mario Brothers, Pacman and many additional characters and games. The entire project supposedly took 1500 hours to create and the end result is nothing short of extraordinary.

8 bit video game lego trip

Not sure if you are a geeky gamer, but watching this video is highly suggested, for it is entertaining, exciting, and would really sum up how much we should appreciate the innovation of technology in the past decades.

Heads up to Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redige (Rymdreglage) for the music and animation. Also, thanks Rene for the video and info!