The Progress Bar Clock is a One Day Scheduler

progress bar clock design
This is a clock designed for all you extremely organized people out there, for it is a progress bar clock which helps you schedule the 24 hours in a day to your convenience and reminds you of all you commitments for the day. That’s not all, it is sleek looking and can sit on your table or hang on your wall. Take a look at some more pictures…

The progress bar clock has a coin to turn the dial at the bottom of the clock to set the time, it is a sideway clock that moves from left to right. The time progresses as the day goes by, which is the same as any other clock, but in this clock it looks and feels like your day is filling up by the blue color film. You can place tags at different time periods to mark your tasks, and write on them too! There are two drive shafts, one at each end, which are connected to a motor. When the blue color film hits the tag the alarm goes off, attracting your attention to it. You can then turn the tag 90 degrees to read the tag, be reminded and turn the alarm off this way.

The best thing about this clock is that it makes you feel that your day has been extremely well spent, with all your achievements for the day, right there in front of you to see. Some more clocks that look interesting are the wall clock with no numbers and the gun alarm clock.

Via: Coolbuzz