Learn To Tell Time Using the Sun Dial Watch

sun dial watch design

Many of us still depend on our wrist watches to tell time, and with wrist watches becoming a fashion accessory, those that do not use them to tell the time, wear them as a trend fashion item. That is why watches can also be one of the best neutral gifts to be gifted to someone, since they are always useful.

The picture above is of the WITness watches which are now only at the concept stage, designed by Hay Heun. The concept of the WITness watch and the design gel together amazingly. The watch is based on the concept of sun dials that were one of the first ways man discovered to tell time and for many would still be easier than Tokyoflash Watches.

It is said that most people find it hard to tell time using a sun dial. According to me if you can follow a shadow, then you can tell time on a sun dial. You will find the pictures below is quite self explanatory, for the WITness watches at least.

Sun dials are based on a simple concept, the part that is covered under the shadow actually shows the time. So, for the above picture, look at the center of the dial, where there are lesser lines, one of the lines would be missing. The missing line would represent the hour on the watch. The outer part of dial has several lines, again with one line missing, that line represents the minute hand of the watch. The WITness watch designs would have LED dials and flexible bands to cover various sizes.

Via: Tuvie, Image: Elitechoice