Batman Mini Cosplay Collectible Action Figures

If you ever wondered what would a baby’s imagination of a superhero be, you can now at least have an idea of what a superhero in the baby’s eyes look like…and I must admit, it isn’t half bad. The Bat Man Cosbaby is a very apt adaptation of the famous super hero right down to the infant level. A set of 8 figures, they are manufactured with a view to be the cutest in the industry.

batman mini action figures

Giving a playful twist to the very hunky and super serious action hero, these action figures are sure to bring a smile on even the grimmest person on the Earth. The set includes 8 figures resembling the popular characters from the hit series. The characters include: Batman (Classic), Batman (Modern), Joker, Robin, Bat Girl, Cat Woman, Two Face and Mystery Figure. All the figures are extremely adorable and cute. Each Character is individually packed in a 4 colored blister card and they stand approximately 3 inches tall.

The whole set sells for $99.20, which is very decent as compared to the over-priced blood thirsty action figures available in the market today. If you are in for something that is not so cute and involves some more action then you might like to check out the Joker Poker Set , you can also check out the latest version of the Batmobile Smart Car which is very economic and eco-friendly.

I feel that these mini collectibles deserve the front row in your shelf, especially if you are a Bat Man fan. Cuddle those cute Cuddlies.