Lego Ceramic Set Must Be Handled With Care

This one is a sure hit among the female section of the community who have a passion for cooking as well as building stuff with the all time favorite Lego, this delicate piece of crockery is a simple mix of the two. The Lego Ceramic set is probably the best creation of Vinicius Zarpelon a most likely Lego fan who enjoys cooking as much as he does playing with the building blocks.

lego ceramic set design

The Lego has seen many forms in the last few years, but this new  form of Lego is very unique and useful at the same time (considering the fact that most Lego creations are just art pieces meant for display). The colorful and cheerful ceramic set is more than a display item, according to Vinicius, one can use it to cook food and serve food as well.

weird lego design with ceramics

The most unique feature of the Lego Ceramic set is yet to be revealed, there is no fear of men handling the serving job on the dinner table thanks to the fact that this is Lego inspired , since all the utensils fit perfectly into the base platform like any other Lego set.

cool new lego ceramic design

This ultra-cool ceramic set is ready to take on any challenge on handling skills of men at the dinner table and come out victorious at the same time. You might also want to munch on some Lego while you have your dinner in the Lego set so why not checkout some Edible Lego that end up as dessert on your table, so keep building food castles as you enjoy your meal.