Limited Edition Transformers Watches for Adults and Kids

new transformers watch design

These are the limited edition of Transformers series of watches designed for adults, and the limited edition comprises of only 500 pieces in each color and so you have to hurry to grab one. Movie merchandise have always been up for grabs, especially when the movie is a real hit! As we all know the movie, Transformers left us with great respect for the Autobots and we ended up sharing our planet earth with them. So all those who do not have a bumble bee in the garage or several monster trucks lined up in their yards, need not be disappointed, since you can now carry your own transformer, strapped onto you where ever you go.

The Transformer series of watches also have several new designs for kids who would definitely be interested in them. You could gift them to your children or their friends on their birthdays or when they get good grades at school! Take a look at some of these cool designs from Tony Simonetta.

new transformers watch

Featuring the awesome Optimus Prime in an analog watch and Bumblebee the best pal in the most weird form, for all those nerds out there, this watch has three discs which form the seconds, minutes and hours from inside towards the outside.

Another watch with offset analog movement with lenticular dials for kids, who are naughty and good at the same time, because this watch features the logos of both the Decepticons and the Autobots. They also have transformers sliders in digital watches with interchangeable laser cut pieces that fit onto the case.

decepticons watch design

Transformers merchandise will definitely sell, that’s for sure, and if you are a true transformers fan then you should definitely take a look at some more of these like the Transformer Shoes and the amazing Bumblebee Costume.