Salt And Pepper Shakers Chemistry Set

Chemistry has always been a huge mystery to most of us, and while there are professors at my college who always keep telling me that chemistry is no different from cooking, I was always skeptical. I finally understood what they meant after seeing this Chemistry Set, since some freaking chemistry geek created a Salt and Pepper Shakers themed on Chemistry. The two spherical objects on the dinner table inform it’s users about their contents¬†in a geekish Chemistry Language.

salt and pepper shakers chemistry set

The dimensions of the two spherical shakers are about 1.75″ in diameter, that means that you can store approximately 159 cubic inches of salt or pepper in each of the two. They come in only one colour scheme- White, the best part of the whole product is the way Salt or Pepper is notified on the shakers, for Salt they have used the chemical formula of common salt that is NaCl (sodium chloride) while Pepper itself has no chemical formula they tried to come up with one that could best describe pepper in the chemical sense, Pe+(Pe)r.

salt and pepper chemistry set

Selling for only $15.00, these are the perfectly themed chemical instruments for daily use, and like the common happenings in most of the Chemistry Labs, please do not interchange the contents of the respective containers into the other one since this is your home and not any Lab. Since the names are notified through a chemical formula, you might have a problem if you do not know how to read them so then why not check out the much more simpler stock of the commodity like the Battery Design Shakers that charge you up after a rough day or the Tetris Salt and Pepper Shakers to give some retro gaming meaning.

chemistry set salt and pepper shaker

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