Funny Toothpaste Heads Cure Early Morning Grogginess!

funny toothpaste heads cat oscar
Brushing is going to be more fun, thanks to Toothpaste Oscar and Pete, the fun loving and toothpaste-puking pets that are designed to make your morning time a little funnier.

Waking up and shaking off the grogginess can be quite a task when dawn breaks, and if you are not a tea person, perhaps the induced humor will rid you off the drowsiness. Toothpaste Oscar and Pete are addons to your toothpaste (or is it for kids alone?). These Toothpaste Heads guarantee smiles thanks to the eccentrically designed creature visages, or at the same time, it can double up as a prank tool; Just fix it to the toothpaste before the ‘victim’ wakes up and wait till you hear a shriek breaking through the early morning silence.

Toothpaste Oscar the cat and Pete the dog are certainly a novel attempt at building an interesting product with a simple theme in mind. It is quite evident that not a lot of thought was put into the practicality of the design, since the idea has buyers from a segment (kids!) that always welcomes weird toys. At $4.99 for each, it is not pricey either.

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funny toothpaste heads pete dog