Total Recall For The Cassette As A Tape Dispenser

Recently I was at my friend’s place for a casual visit, I could not help noticing that there were these old cassette tapes on every desk of his house, so out of curiosity I asked him whether he still used those old age portable music devices in this modern age of the iPods, the reply was quite amusing. First he told me that those were not actually cassette tapes but Tape Dispensers, in fact these tape dispensers were fabricated within an actual cassette case.

cool cassette tape dispenser

We had a big laugh at my misconception and then he told me that it was really a cool idea to come up with, probably one of the best ways to recall the humble cassette players all the way back from the past. The Old School New Age tape dispenser is very handy and is made up of Non-Slip Rubber, measuring 3.5″H x 5.5″L x 1.5″D it is very cool and retro.

retro cassette tape - tape dispenser

Selling for $25.00 each, this is one cool piece of history that one can use at their offices and homes, a playback of the classic Walkman era. You can also check out the cool Cassette Tape Designer Bag that helps you shop in the retro style or you can try out the cool USB Cassette Tape that is an awesome blend of history and the present in one cool gadget.