Reggae Legend Bob Marley Bobble Head Sings Buffalo Soldier!

bob marley bobble head toy

Fans of Bob Marley will be excited to see the amazing legend hero created as a great Bobble Head and that he is singing one of his most famous songs ‘Buffalo Soldier’.  The Bob Marley Bobble Head fixed on a ‘Buffalo Soldier’ stand probably is the best way to depict the popular Reggae legend.

“Buffalo Soldier” song is an ode to all African origin people who immigrated to America and fought for survival; Yeah, they did arrive and survive. This year is a celebration of Bob Marley, all other Africa-American singers and Black music for another reason – The President of United States of America, Barack Obama himself has his roots in Africa.

Nothing much has changed though in Africa. Poor people from African continent still have to flee their troubled, conflict ridden, poor nations and arrive on the shores of unknown nation as “Buffalo Soldier” – fighting on arrival, fighting for survival as the song goes. The song is so true even today.

This Bob Marley Bobble Head will be popular with all his fans and fans of Reggae music which celebrates even the most difficult of struggles. A must have for all those who collect celebrities statues and Bobble Heads. Everyone needs a face of a hero for inspiration and motivation. Order Reggae Legend Bob Marley Bobble Head here for $10.99 and play his songs to make Bobble Head come alive in your home and inspire young minds.

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11 thoughts on “Reggae Legend Bob Marley Bobble Head Sings Buffalo Soldier!

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  5. Shanti.

    Ugh! Disgusting! Why are they doing this to bob? Let him rest in peace and STOP trying to make profit on his Name, his music and his immortal legend!!!!!!!

  6. Damn!.

    The name Marley is not written on it anywhere. So it’s obviously no official merchandise. The Marleys have set up a new venture to crack down on counterfeits some time ago:
    Apparently without much success so far..

    Furthermore that promo blurb is so phony it hurts. It’s probably meant to chime in with african americans but I really doubt that will work out. rofl…

  7. lighten_up.

    damn, lighten up! it’s a toy. it’s not meant as a disrespect to the man or the music. don’t take yourselves so damn serious.

  8. Wayne.

    There is mention of Africa’s poor people
    and “the struggle” in the above article.
    Are the profits from this hideous thing
    going to any causes to better these people?
    This pimping of social issues to make a buck
    is disgraceful. I also wonder if Bob Marley’s
    family is aware of this terrible product.

  9. Tammy.

    this is very irreverent..if this is what fans collect i am glad i am not a fan..i’m not into idol worship..i saw bob marley twice in concert and i wouldn’t ever buy something like this and i would encourage all else not to be caught up in it
    SAD just to make a buck…do the Marley’s approve of this..i doubt it


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