Google Maps Monopoly Game Introduced with Monopoly City Streets

monoply city streets game google maps

An awesome new way to play Monopoly is just about launched, Monopoly City Streets, which allows you to play the game using Google Maps and purchase and own true address within this new Monopoly Online game.

Monopoly City Streets aims to combine true buildings from the world, new architecture designs and Google Maps locations together to form the truest form of Monopoly available. This new Monopoly game will put together people from around the world that will be able to play the game to a new level by having Stadiums, Skyscrapers and real address we are all familiar with.

In case you are ready to play, the game is launched on the 9th of September and hasn’t gave too much info prior to launch. The little information provided prior to launch mentions that players will receive $3Million to begin with and be able to start purchasing property. But know ahead of time that Baltic avenue does not cost just $60, or even $60,000 since the examples given state that Downing Street will run for $231,000 and Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington costs $2 Million (White House location). Moreover, players will receive daily rent such as $50,000 for a house and $100Million for a complete skyscraper. Based on the $3M you begin with, it will probably take a little while to purchase the Trump towers or Caesar’s Palace, but the battle begins for everyone.

google maps monopoly city streets game

Once you are connected, will you be a Monopoly tycoon going over the most respected Real Estate property in the world, local busy spots or will you make it a sentimental game and purchase your own home address?

All in all the idea is nice and we are hoping the implementation is cool, but since it is supposedly a Google and Hasboro teamup, there is an increase in possibilities.

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Monopoly City Streets Via: Daily Mail