Glow In the Dark Skeleton Apron And Mittens Make A Spooky Pie

I remember I had the scare of my life on the dining table when my sister first started cooking, everyday would seem to be a new scary experience trying to digest the food, far from it even getting it down the throat would be an enormous feat to achieve. Those old time kitchen scares were revived when I chanced upon these Skeleton Glow In The Dark Apron And Mitten set.

glow in the dark oven mitt

This seems to be idea of some really crazy artist who obviously seems to have been inspired by X-Rays and Halloween. The cool apron is made black in order to blend in perfectly with the darkness and the Skeleton figure on it is made from a glow in the dark material that just comes alive when the lights go off. Not recommended for the light hearted cooks, this apron can only be worn by the hard core cooks who after a long ride on their choppers come home for a delicious home cooked meal (P.S do not compare the above mentioned description with the attached images, either the images are wrong or my description doesn’t suit the mood; readers discretion is advised).

If you feel that you need more of such glowing in the dark stuff around your house you can probably check out the Glow In the Dark Toilet Paper or the cool illuminating Butterfly Night lamp, that just light up your world in the most innovative ways ever possible, so that you could give the Boogie Man a scare as well.

glow in the dark apron