Mighty Muggs Customizable Vinyl Figure Morphs Into Any Superhero

If you haven’t heard of Mighty Muggs, then you might probably be totally out of it about the fact that this vinyl doll has the ability to turn into anything that you desire it to become. Mighty Muggs are famous the world over for their chunky, edgy style in making customizable toy figures and this new six inch cool dude is no less compared to all the superheroes in the world. You can turn him into anything that you wish, Batman, Super Man, Spider Man…etc…

custom mighty muggs vinyl action figure

The blank white vinyl figure serves as the perfect platform for any amateur artist or anyone who wants to just chill out and do something creative, one can replicate the classic superheroes from the comics and anime or just get creative and come up with some new superhero that one thinks can save the world from danger (like Mr. Mugg-Man who has the power to turn into any other superhero). The Best part is that it has moving parts for the Head and limbs too, making it the conventional superhero action figure.

Selling for only $14.19 a piece, this is one cool thing that no one should miss out on, be it a designer or an amateur alike. If you think that you lack all the skills of coming up with good stuff then these G.I Joe Muggs might give you some inspiration. Also you could assist these cute Star Wars Muggs who turn out to be too cute for the harsh galaxy.