World of Warcraft Theme for iPod Touch

world of warcraft theme for ipod touch

If you ever wondered what do you get when you cross an iPod Touch owner with an ardent World of Warcraft fan, then here is your answer: an iPod touch WoW theme! And this creative world of Warcraft theme for the iPod by Hany0r is the perfect example of this.

In this crazy mod, the programmer allegedly hacked his iPod, upgraded the firmware, used the WiFi and a couple of software and bang…you get an iPod that’s completely revamped and suites the taste of majority of gamers. All in all, I must not forget to appreciate the choice of icons used in the user interface; absolutely great. I just wish that this user is generous enough to not sell this theme and share it for free over the internet. Till then, you can take a look at the weird iPod stuff like the iPod breadpod, which will make your taste buds active and the Retro Apple iPod Walkman mod that takes you back in time.