Palm Pixi is the Smaller Palm Pre and Sweet Like a Candybar

cool palm pixi images

You probably all remember the hype about the Palm Pre and its release, but now there is the cute Palm Pixi which is similar to the Palm Pre but smaller, cuter, and some changes to specs and looks.

The main attraction of the Palm Pixie, besides the cute and miniature design, is the built-in keyboard that is right in the front. This same keyboard does not have to worry about the slide-in mechanism of the Palm Pre, so the Palm Pixi allows for “taller” buttons to allow a better feel when typing.

Also, instead of the ball to navigate through menus, there is a “touch area”, which is used for forward and back gestures.

cool palm pixi smartphone

One major drawback is the lack of Wifi connectivity on this smartphone, but it is also aimed at a “cheaper” consumer, so this was probably omitted to keep costs low, which are to be cheaper than the $150-200 Pre.

Although not many details were provided on the Palm Pre, we still have a few specs. The Palm Pixie specs compared to the Palm Pre:

screen size is 2.63 inches with 320 x 400 resolution
Runs WebOS
No Wifi
GPS and Accelerometer built in
2 Megapixel Camera

For more hands on information, including additional images of the Palm Pixie, check out Gizmodo or Palm’s official Pixi Page.