PSP Pillow Design for the Gaming Geek

cool sony psp pillow design

PSP fans will surely rejoice when they come to know of this PSP Pillow, as modding stuff of daily use to suite our taste has become a rage of sorts, I guess. Made by this norsuneiti, a Playstation Portable fan, this PSP pillow is quite close to what the gaming gadget looked like in its very first avatar.

The pillow has a grey colored felt patch which denotes the LCD screen. The couch accessory is in black color, the standard PSP color and sports the PSP and Sony logos. Even the back of the pillow has been made like that of the portable device, with the buttons well placed and at proper positions. All in all, this pillow is a great collectible for PSP fans and even ardent collectors, and the images provided here are of the cushion sans the filling and one pic shows the details of this stuff in its ironed form.

new psp pillow creation

Well, for pricing and selling of this stuff, you gotta contact the creator of this pillow. Other accessory for the couch potatoes would be the Hamburger Cushions or you can even try the Social Media Icon Pillows that seek your geeky inner self, what say?

cool psp designed pillow