Apple Announces iPhone 3.1 Firmware Update

iphone 3.1 update

Apple has just announced the iPhone 3.1 software update which seems to be quite promising with a number of changes and upgrades; most importantly, when you upgrade to iPhone 3.1, you can expect to get support for iTunes 9 for both Mac and Windows downloads. Moreover, there are options to sync music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and the like.

An issue that iPhone users faced earlier was the inability to save the trimmed video as a new clip; however, with the new iPhone update, you can do that as well. You can directly access the App Store and iTunes store and redeem gift cards, codes, certificates, and also check out all the available tunes which you could alter download wirelessly.

iphone update 3.1

The new update also supports locking of your iPhone with the help of a passcode via MobileMe. Voice Control, antiphishing while using Safari, pasting of phone numbers on the keypad are some of the other cool new features that come with the software update. The new update has fixed a lot of bugs that were present in the iPhone OS 3.0 firmware which was announced in June.

The biggest attraction has to be the update’s ability to support Apps Management on iTunes 9. All you would need to do is connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to the PC, and launch iTunes and look for updates. It automatically asks if you would like to update to version 3.1 and you would just have to click on the update button. Apparently, there is also a possibility to jailbreak one’s iPhone or iPod on iPhone 3.1 about which we may hear very soon. The new update is expected to increase the battery power of your device as well. You could read about how Apple fixed the iPhone SMS hack problem thanks to iPhone OS 3.0.1.

iPhone 3.1 Firmware Update Via: CNET