Pacman Poker Chip is a Great Collectible

new pacman poker chip

Pacman has been taking over each and everything it can lay its chomp down on, and to the already long list is getting an addition once more with these cool and funky Pacman Poker Chips – in short, Pacman now takes over your card game!

This “Big Chip” can be the center of attraction of your chip set while you engage your self in the addictive gamble game play. The yellow biggie is about a whopping 1½ inches in diameter and weighs about 12 grams meaning this is really big! And, by any chance, if you don’t bet while you play, this chip can be carried around as a lucky charm or something, what say you? The same design is featured on both sides of the chip.

What’s more? If you don’t like this stuff, the seller gives you money back guarantee. I “bet” no deal can be as good as this one. Each chip can be brought separately for a price of $4, which many people may find expensive, but, according to me this pricing is justified considering your purchase is gonna be one of a kind, ain’t I right? So, get the dice rolling and throw the chips, its time to gamble.

Other stuff that Pacman has allegedly taken over are Pacman Guitar and Pacman Car, and for a different kind of game, you could always look at the Joker Poker Set.