PetCare Robot Concept is Quite Worthy

cool pet robot

If you are a pet owner, you will know what a teary situation arises when you are forced to leave your loved friend alone at home., and at such times, the thought of someone baby sitting your pet arises and this Mint care PetCare robot is here just to do that.

pet care robot design

When you go out on business trips or even when you go to you workplace, you know that your pet is feeling lonely and getting bored alone at home. But, if you have one of these robots at home, you don’t have to worry about your pet at all – the robot acts as a spare guardian of your pet. In your absence, it moves around the house with your pet, thus, making your pet less lonely. It literally keeps an eye on all movements of your loved one with its twin camera, which are fitted in the “eyes” of the robo. These lenses are fitted with infrared camera, so that the transmission is quite clear even when your pet wanders off to a dark corner of your home. The lenses are protected by a set of special “eyelids” that shut tight when your pet tries to scratch or lick the lens.

pet babysitter robot

This pet gadget can be controlled from remote locations using a dedicated remote pad. And when boredom hits your pet, this cool gadget even plays with it, thus, giving your pet the daily requirement of exercise. The gadget can play with your pet with the “pet ball” that’s fitted at the base of the gadget. Depending upon your settings, the pet ball detaches itself from the main toy and rolls around the area making the pet chase it, providing much do exercise like the Dog Treadmill. Even the ball is completely remote controlled and the resting dock doubles up as a recharging dock for the ball. For those who really love their pet and know that just a look at its photo won’t help much, you can even talk with it using the built in microphone and speaker in the robot – again, remotely!

cool robot for pets

Well, this far-fetched toy is not a reality but still in conceptual phases (sorry to break your hearts, pet-owners) and I hope the practical model of this gadget become available soon because many pet owners are gonna line up for this thingy, what say? Anyways, with this gadget, pets can presumably spend more time without you, but to feed it on proper times, you would be needing yet another device & it is here that the Remote Feeder steps in to help you.