Tibida LED watches from Tokyoflash

tokyoflash led watch tibida

The new Tibida watches from Tokyoflash are amazingly cool, for these Tibida LED watches express time in three ways, the hour centric mode, the minute centric mode and the binary mode. Take a look at the image gallery and you will know what I am talking about…or better yet, take a look at the Tibida Official Page.

tokyoflash tibida watch instructions

Though you will have to go through the instructions, the interactive operating guide (which you just went through) and the manual to understand the complete functioning of these watches at Tokyoflash, they do look promisingly futuristic and cool. The hour and minute centric modes display time on the top and bottom, while the binary mode only displays time at the top and is read from the right.

new tobida led watch tokyoflash

These Tibida binary LED watches also come in two different fashionable styles, stainless steel case and IP black case both with black faces. You can also look at some more of the Tokyoflash watch collection like the Retsu Watch, the Fire LED watch and the Bar Code IP watch.