Color your PS3 Slim Like the Rainbow with Colorware

red ps3 slim mod colorware

The PS3 Slim was just released this month and Colorware already provides the ability to give it a little color and change it all over, so if the recent changes of the Playstation 3 Slim are not sufficient for you, then you can create your own color combination and make a color PS3 Slim mod.

Colorware has always been a place to give your different gadget or console a different color and spice things up. The new arival is the PS3 Slim which it seems kind of early to already be enthusiastic about making a change.

For $149, Colorware will paint your PS3 Slim with different color combinations you can come up with at their site. Better yet, if you still haven’t gotten your hands on the PS3 Slim, then for $449 you can just buy a brand new one from them, with the custom paint job of your choice. Better yet, they will also match the PS3 Slim controller with color combination you chose for free, but if you want an additional Dual Shock controller to be painted, that would be an additional $30 for the paintjob (not including the controller).

So what would you prefer, a painted custom Colorware PS3 Slim or the genuine black one? or even better, would you rather wait for the PS4?

Colorware Via: Slipperybrick