3D Tetris Head Design is Artful yet Industrial Looking

3d tetris head

We have seen Tetris art, designs, models and so many other things but this specific design has taken Tetris mania to a new level by creating a human head using 3D Tetris blocks, but it is unfortunately not real blocks but 3D digital art. Still, the model looks immensely cool and is one of the best human head models I have ever come across besides the Tetris Haircut. Actually, the 3D Tetris Head looks like an actual work of art, rather than a geekish piece of work.

3d tetris game head

It could be mistaken for a conceptual installation by one of the art students at the University. The more you look at the model by Rihards Rozans, the more you feel that it was designed for a purpose. The purpose could be highly scientific or research oriented or even for pure aesthetic purposes. Whatever the case might be, it just proves that Tetris blocks, which are inspired by that 80s game are still popular and have a cult following across the globe.

new 3d tetris game head

I would only have liked it more if these blocks were real and could be used to create additional Tetris creation. Tetris has nevertheless inspired people to create many things including these cool Tetris Game Shelves, and the Tetris Game Cushions are really cute as well!

3d tetris game head art

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